• Positive Affirmations

    An affirmation is the action of stating something positively. A positive affirmation is to state something positively, in a positive manner ;). The trick to a good positive affirmation is to basically positive a sentence to death (err. to life I guess to stay with the positive messaging.) Stay away from words like No, Not, and Never. Focus on what you are going to do instead of what you are not going to do. Here is a running list of positive affirmations to help you get your thoughts flowing: I am smart, motivated, and do the things I love. I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. I deserve a life free…

  • New Moon -> Power Juice

    Ready for Change? Use the power of the new moon to get it done!

    Hi friends – Are you ready for something new? Maybe, you are ready to give up alcohol, or you want to finally organize your basement, or start a new workout routine, eat a little healthier, be a little kinder to yourself… anything. Set yourself up for success and use the incredible power of the new moon phase in the lunar cycle to make it happen. The New Moon phase (and general overview of the lunar cycle) The new moon is the least loved phase of the lunar cycle (based on size of moon). At this stage the moon is basically not even visible with the exception of maybe a tiny…

  • Love and Gratitude

    Much Love OLF!!!!

    We cannot even begin to capture the amazing welcome we received at our first Womyn’s Festival!!! The womyn we were able to meet and chat with were absolutely wonderful; full of such kindness, authenticity, and positive energies. Even though we were working the bulk of the time, we left feeling so relaxed and ready to take on the world! Thank you for the inspiration, awareness, and grace that you each bring into our world! We are forever changed and eternally grateful for the experience.