• Festivals and events are back on!

    After a very lonely 2020 we are SO excited to be vending again this year!!! We have two events booked so far and are expecting to add more as restrictions are lifted. We look forward to interacting with you all and celebrating our time(s) together! Check back soon for our 2021 events calendar!

  • Thank You Cincinnati Pride!!!!!

    We couldn’t have been more excited and strengthened by the overall turnout at the Cincinnati Pride Festival!  There was so much love, acceptance, and beauty in the air that the energy was perfect for the readings.  We are so appreciative of all of the individuals we were able to meet and the wonderful stories each of you shared.  The intentional interaction and blending of energy vibes has left us feeling so enlightened and refreshed.  I look forward to seeing you all next year (or sooner) if our paths are meant to cross again!

  • Conceptualizing Metaphysics

    I have been trying to find the connection or overlap among the various  forms of metaphysical concepts.  As I was sitting outside this morning, this is what came to me: Astrology-  zodiac signs, natal charts This encompasses the overall being, who you are or your innate tendencies, more fixed characteristics. If you are familiar with nature versus nurture, this would be the nature side of things.  I see this as the overall body. Numerology- life path number This encompasses a part of our personality.  I see this as half of the brain.  These are typically qualities that are fluid or changeable.  Not only is there a Life Path number but…

  • Mahalo, OHM Expo!!!!!

    Aloha- We want to express much love, gratitude, and kindness to the guests and fellow vendors at the O’ahu Holistic & Metaphysical Expo!  We had such a wonderful experience and were able to meet some truly inspirational and amazing individuals.  We are enlightened by the genuineness and authenticity of everything this island has to offer.  I view each day as an opportunity for growth and expansion, the expo certainly confirmed that notion for me.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a beautiful event! Mahalo!

  • O’ahu Holistic & Metaphysical Expo

    Aloha We are extremely excited to announce our first presence at an expo event!  The OHM expo is taking place October 20 & 21  at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center located at 777 Ward Avenue in Honolulu. We are both so inspired by this opportunity and are looking forward to engaging in the metaphysical community here in Honolulu.  Check out the event website for more information:  https://www.ohmexpo.net Mahalo!

  • Many Thanks to St Augustine Flea Market!!!

    I want to extend a sincere, heart-felt thank you to all those who we met and interacted with at the St Augustine Flea Market.  I could not have imagined being anywhere else when we first embarked on our business.  The environment seemed to embrace our business and ideals, a very important find at this exact point in our lives.  We were welcomed without hesitation by the other vendors nearby and the weekend shoppers.  I was able to read some amazing individuals and continue to feel inspired by their stories.  I look forward to continuing on our journey with our business and am hopeful to meet more fascinating, welcoming, genuine, and…

  • Mana Cards

    Aloha- I am feeling inclined to share this with all of our readers and followers.  I have recently experienced the devastating loss of my most cherished sibling.  My sister was 12 years my senior and introduced me to tarot cards, psychic phenomena, and the healing powers of crystals.  She served as a mentor and guide throughout many avenues of my life and I will forever be changed by this tragedy.  She had an opportunity to work as a Registered Nurse in Honolulu several years ago and she was finally able to truly blossom into her fullest potential.  Since her passing there have been several occurrences that cannot be otherwise explained.…

  • How to schedule a card reading with Dauphine

    Dauphine is a psychic intuitive who gives you an information packed reading covering the core areas of your life: Home, Business, Path, Love, Future, and Past. Your reading will take about 30 minutes and you are highly encouraged to record it.  The best part (aside from the actual best part which is the reading itself) – all readings are risk free. If you do not find your reading to be informative you don’t pay! So what are you waiting for? Purchase your reading today! Once you complete your purchase you will receive a confirmation email from Moonstone. Dauphine will reach out to you directly to coordinate a time that works…