Election Day 2020: Astrology Reading (ahem – prediction)

My very wise therapist once told me to focus only on the things that I can control and hand everything else over to the universe. The political divide sensationalized in every major media outlet has me shaking and quaking about the upcoming Presidential election. In an effort to cope well with the shakes and quakes coursing through me I got down to business figuring out what is and what is not within my control. I can’t control who wins, I can’t control what the media reports, I can’t control the trucks driving around with oversized Trump train flags distracting me, and I can’t control what happens after the election is over. I accept that I have to hand all of this over to the universe! So in my ever lasting quest to have a slight edge and know what is going to happen before it happens, I will look to the universe for some insight (I am not sure my therapist would approve of this, its like saying I am letting go but then still holding on 😉 ).

Pulled directly from The American Ephemeris 1950-2050 at Noon Trans-Century Edition this post details out what is likely to occur on election day November 3, 2020 and from there surmise who our President will be. All in good fun of course!

For anyone in a hurry and just wants the prediction right now, don’t make me read through an entire blog post to know whats what, here is the prediction summary:

Astrology CategoryPresident TrumpFormer VP Joe Biden
Mood and EmotionTieTie
Love and AttractionN/AN/A
Drive and EnergyWinner
Luck, Growth, and WisdomWinner
Discipline, Fears, and ChallengesWinner
Prediction shows Joe Biden will be our next President

Joe is the clear winner in 5 categories to President Trump’s single victory. There are 3 categories in which a clear winner could not be declared making the race a bit more competitive than a mere glance would suggest.

You heard it here folks! A Master of Science (software :)) armed with an Ephemeris guide book which details the positioning of the planets in our solar system has called the 2020 Presidential election in favor of Joe Biden.

My explanation and rationale for each category is documented below.


Guided by the position of the Sun in Scorpio the overall personality of election day will be both witty and magnetic. While President Trump appears to be the more witty and magnetic of the two based on his public appearances, Joe Biden was born under Scorpio. Often we confuse how other people see us, which is our rising sign, with what we think our sun sign should be. Meaning our authentic personality (sun sign) is not always how other people see us. President Trump born under Gemini, which is also known for its wittiness is much more talkative than the Scorpio Biden. The prediction of a witty and magnetic personality emerging on election day goes to Joe Biden.

Personality Winner: Joe Biden

Mood and Emotion

Guided by the Moon’s entrance into Gemini today we will see a transition from being very stubborn and slothful to overtly talkative and amusing. Clear winner in this category? I am not so sure. I can see both candidates with tendencies to be stubborn and sloth like in the days leading up to the election and then transitioning to a more pleasant demeanor once election day arrives from the relief of reaching the end of campaigning.

Mood and Emotion Winner: Tie


Mercury has been in retrograde since middle October, the entire time it has been in Libra, meaning all intentions to be fun and charming have been thwarted and communication instead comes across as boring and repulsive. I have to hand this one to Joe Biden. He is well known for his verbal blunders and gaffes. President Trump on the other hand seems to never have a problem with his intentions being misinterpreted. While I am sure his support base may disagree with that last statement as a result of media outlets dissecting every sentence trying to find meaning, I am of the opinion that President Trump is very direct with his language even when he is being indirect with it, leaving no room for actual misinterpretation. He says what he means and means what he says. Lucky for all of us though, Mercury turns direct on election day ending all of our woes with having our fun and charming conversations turn flat or being received as boring or repulsive.

Communication Winner: Joe Biden

Love and Attraction

Venus moved from independent and intelligent (Virgo) to fun and charming (Libra) on October 28th. I never like to discount anything in an astrology reading but I am not feeling the impact Venus may have on our Presidential election so no winner will be declared in this category. Good to note though, you may notice a shift in yourself and what your a drawn to moving out of your logical brain into your emotional self. Be cautious about being overly short sighted in the pleasure department in November!

Love and Attraction Winner: Not Relevant for this Prediction

Drive and Energy

In September as Mars turned retrograde we saw a shift in efforts to become more reserved and calculated from the previous three months which was rooted in strength and impulsivity. Mars again turns direct on November 13th and then moves in to Taurus on January 7th signifying a shift to a more obstinate and work-shy appearance. So to summarize back in September behavior shifted from being strong and impulsive to be more reserved and calculated. This wasn’t enough for me to declare a victor so I peeked ahead a bit to see what was on the path and noted that we will see a shift back to the strong impulsive behaviors a few weeks after the election and then in early January, around inauguration day, we will see a shift in conduct to align more with being work-shy and obstinate. To me this sounds like a clear cut prediction for President Trump. He is notably strong and impulsive but became a bit more strategic leading up to the election, and then once he wins and his new term starts he will likely sit back and take a vacation. Whereas if Joe Biden wins I see him getting right down to business as most newly elected presidents do.

Drive and Energy Winner: President Trump

Half-way through let’s recap what we know so far

Astrology CategoryPresident TrumpFormer VP Joe Biden
Mood and EmotionTieTie
Love and AttractionN/AN/A
Drive and EnergyWinner
Half-way point recap shows Joe Biden ahead by 1.

Luck, Growth, Wisdom

When Jupiter entered Capricorn last December growth, wisdom, and luck was the result of intelligence and ambition. In December this year we will see learning take on a more peculiar and eccentric form. Jupiter bounces between Aquarius and Pisces for the next few years meaning that growth, wisdom, and luck will be grown from a very quirky, kind, and spiritual place. I see this speaking very loudly to Joe Biden. He has this gentle nature and would look great in some traditional guru attire.

Luck, Growth, Wisdom Winner: Joe Biden

Discipline, Fears, and Challenges

After 3 years sitting in Capricorn Saturn finally moves to Aquarius in December where it will remain until March 2023. With slow moving Saturn taking multiple years to cross through each Zodiac and nearly 29 years to complete a full cycle it is important that we pay extra attention to what it is telling us for matters that take multiple years to play out (like elections). This next presidential term our discipline, fears, and challenges will be rooted in Aquarius’s unique, progressive, and idealistic ways. This category goes to Joe Biden. A Biden administration brings lofty and unobtainable dreams for a future America versus the stubborn workaholic make up the rules as you go ways we have seen over the last few years. A blessing or a curse depending on what your political stance is!

Discipline, Fears, and Challenges Winner: Joe Biden


Uranus which rules change entered Taurus in June 2018. Its been in a period of retrograde since August and will turn direct in January which signifies another big shift. Uranus will remain in Taurus until July 2025. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1930! If we look to the past we see that the last time Uranus was in Taurus our country had to find a way to dig itself out of the great depression! Of course we found a way as American’s always do. We elected Franklin D. Roosevelt 4 times to be President of which he served 3 full terms and a partial 4th term (he died while in office). It was after his presidency that term limits were established. Pulling on the similarities from the past I think this category goes to Joe Biden who we will look to help us recover from the major economic impacts COVID-19 is having on our country. While I don’t hold the opinion that president Trump caused the downturn in the economy I think public opinion is to move away from whoever was in charge when something bad happened.

Change Winner: Joe Biden


Neptune ruler of dreams and healing has a 165 year cycle through the zodiac spending about 14 years in each sign. The period of time is much too long to be able to use this information to specify a presidential race but it is key to note that Neptune ends it cycle in April 2025 which in theory is when the next next president will be in office. 2025 will signify a big change at the generational level.

Healing Winner: Not Relevant for this Prediction

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