The practice of being mindful is quite intentional in the beginning.  It seems as though the concept of being in the moment is either perceived as too lofty or too simple.  Neither of these opinions are truly valid.  Being mindful is being in the moment, as we experience it, with full awareness, and the activation of all senses.  We are present, physically, emotionally, and with full use of our senses.  It is the nemesis to ‘just showing up.’ My hope for each and everyone of us is that we can begin to be in each moment as we live it, because we are living it, and who knows how long living lasts?  It is a choice, it is a conscious choice to be engaged in our own lives, with ourselves, and whatever happens to be around us in that given moment.  I urge each of you to try it out when you are enjoying your dinner tonight, sitting in your yard, or just watching television.  Pause for a brief moment, go ahead and close your eyes since it is a relatively new practice for you, and consider where you are and with whom.  What are you sitting on?  What does it feel like?  How is it supporting your body?  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What does the air feel like on your skin?  Take a final deep breath and as you exhale, slowly open your eyes, do the colors seem brighter?  More fascinating?  Try this exercise a few times throughout your day, not only does it help you refocus, it helps with grounding and clarity, purposefulness and intent.  Let me know how it goes and how you are progressing!

Thanks for reading friend and as always-have a kind day!

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