New Moon -> Power Juice

Ready for Change? Use the power of the new moon to get it done!

Hi friends – Are you ready for something new? Maybe, you are ready to give up alcohol, or you want to finally organize your basement, or start a new workout routine, eat a little healthier, be a little kinder to yourself… anything. Set yourself up for success and use the incredible power of the new moon phase in the lunar cycle to make it happen.

The New Moon phase (and general overview of the lunar cycle)

The new moon is the least loved phase of the lunar cycle (based on size of moon). At this stage the moon is basically not even visible with the exception of maybe a tiny tiny sliver of white moon at the bottom.

Lunar Cycle: How loved each moon is

Because of the new moon’s invisibility it may be the world’s best kept secret in terms of successfully starting a new adventure. Its the start of an entirely new cycle. You probably already know that the sun and the moon are aligned during the full moon phase – tides are high, werewolves come out yada yada but you may not know that the sun and the moon are also aligned during the new moon phase! And as an added bonus it is common knowledge that werewolves need to be able to see the moon to transition from human to wolf so -> NO werewolves to contend with during the new moon phase! To recap the new moon:

  1. The new moon is underrated because people can’t see it
  2. It has the same strength as a full moon
  3. It starts the lunar cycle
  4. No werewolves to deal with

How to harness the power of the new moon and use it to your advantage:

On the day (or evening) of the next new moon –

  1. Open the windows in your house and smudge your space with sage.
  2. Light a white candle
  3. Write down what you are going to accomplish during this lunar phase on a piece of paper – use POSITIVE affirmations. Example: I am going to eat broccoli two times per week, instead of, I am not going to eat potato chips.
  4. For 5 minutes visualize yourself doing this new thing
  5. That’s it! Now rely on the power of the lunar cycle to propel you forward to starting your new thing.

Need a little help coming up with a positive affirmation? Check out our collection of positive affirmations!

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