• Crystals, Stones, and Minerals Dictionary

    African Bloodstone: Courage, strength, awareness, protection from threats, adjust to new situations, be victorious and prosperous Amazonite: Balances feminine and masculine energies, stimulates both sides of the brain, brings love and truth, good stone for artists. Amethyst: Graceful serenity, find inner peace and strength, Responsibility for thoughts and actions, Power, wisdom, focused, aware of what is real Angelite: Speak with integrity, compassion, peacefulness, gratitude, brings clarification of situations, connect with spiritual realm Aragonite: Eases adaptation to new situations and people, insight into the causes of problems, tolerance and patience without losing sense of self-worth Banded Agate: Protects from deception, bad dreams, stress, and energy drain.  Brings harmony and balance, make…

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